About the Agency

Our culture is a combination of dead serious professional, and free thinking creative anarchy. If you work here, you already know this. If you’re already our client, you’ve figured this out. If we haven’t met yet … be prepared to be challenged – while we create unique, effective solutions that advance your company and its products.

MG Lomb is over twenty five years, as an agency. Our top managers have been here longer than 15 years, and our newest designers bring the latest technology to the table. We’re degreed professionals – and we’re really good at what we do. There are no part timers, no freelancers, and no outsourced partners – only full time, in-house staff. MG Lomb is comprised of interactive designers, animators, art directors, writers, videographers, web developers and office staff.

We specialize in technology companies. No one does what we do. While most animation and interactive agencies specialize in character animation for video games – MG Lomb specializes in companies who manufacture complex products and technologies. We work with engineers and scientists “every day”. This matters. When your team of experts works with MG Lomb – you can expect to be supported by smart, educated people, who understand complex technology. We are expert at communicating complex concepts, and successfully conveying your capabilities to your customers.

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What OUR customers are saying

Big Show is going on right now! The final proof is how the customer receives them; but, so far I have heard only positive reviews.

Thanks again for the great support from the MGLomb team!

Rolando D. Ventura, SE/ACE
L3Harris Technologies

This is killer. Looks amazing. I honestly do not have any changes or notes. Thank you very much for this. Please tell the team they did an incredible job.

Thanks again for another successful delivery.

Steve Toth, Senior Manager – Digital Lab
Mattel Creative Studios

We have worked with MG Lomb now on several projects, each one progressively more complicated than the last. Work ranging from video animations to complex interactive experiences. On each occasion, … read more

Robert Hough, Creative Services Manager
L3Harris Technologies

This is a very good animation that I think we should all be able to benefit from.  We have been receiving a lot of very good comments from customers, users and new potential business.  We have also … read more

Andy Goll, Director of Sales & Marketing
Weiler Engineering

The instrument and TRT looks freakin’ fantastic!!! I speak highly to [mutual client] about you guys. But I guess they already know that you are great, and this last animation took us to the moon and back!!

Nice job – many kudos!!!

Thomas Overbey, CCSVP, Director of Marketing
Ultra Clean Systems, Inc.