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The length of an animation affects its cost. Shorts and sizzle animations may be as brief as 15 to 30 seconds, while a typical product animation ranges from three to five minutes. Some animations can be ten minutes or longer.
Some animations are highly detailed and benefit from professional narration. MG Lomb can provide the precise type of voice talent you need, in most any language you require.
Animations can be effective without a musical score, but they tend to be more interesting to watch when they do include a musical score.
When narration is required, a script needs to be written. MG Lomb routinely writes scripts for all varieties of animations, from complex engineered technologies, to simple consumer highlight pieces. Many of our clients provide a data-dump, from which a script (one readable by a professional narrator) can be derived.
Animations are notably more accurate (and less expensive) when CAD data (engineering files) is available to use. MG Lomb has worked with most commonly used engineering applications, and can import your CAD data effectively and accurately. If CAD not available we can create products and accessories from scratch, but it will add to the cost. Please let us know if CAD data is available.
Some animations feature only one technology or product, while others present an entire family of products, for consideration and review.
Animations can present a product or technology in a complex environment, or on a simple white backdrop. Both techniques are acceptable, but sometimes a complex environment is necessary. If included, complex environments are likely to add cost.
Maintaining your brand integrity is important. Many of our clients provide us with their vector logos, brand visuals and brand style guides, so that we can match your company’s existing brand identity. If you have these we will use them.
Most animations begin and/or end with a logo-branded scene. If you already have a branded intro/outro, we can implement it into your deliverable. If not, we can create one for you.
As part of the production process, your products and equipment will be created to a highly-realistic level. After an animation is completed, high-resolution images may be exported for use on websites, in print, or on trade show booths. Many of our clients request these high resolution images. The cost for these can be notably less than photography, and updating these images is infinitely easier.
Special effects can make an animation incredible interesting, and they can also make complex functions very easy to understand. They do however add to cost. Special effects might include: fluids, vapors or steam, cutaways, transparencies, particulates.
On-screen text helps to orient viewers, improve retention and increase comprehension.
Your animation can be translated into most any language.