Our Process

MG Lomb provides a clear project development process. With over 20 years’ experience, we achieve superior results while maintaining an established timeline and budget. We accomplish this by way of an extremely well-developed development process. You will know what to expect, every step. We’ll lead the process, no surprises.

Here’s how

Initial Project Review. To begin, MG Lomb will meet with you and your team. We’ll learn the scope and goals of your project. A ballpark cost will be discussed. No fee.

Proposal Provided. Next, the team at MG Lomb will review your project scope, and collectively prepare a highly-detailed proposal, inclusive of all costs, options, and timeline. Adjustments may be made. No fee.

Project Outline Document. Once the proposal is settled, MG Lomb will provide a completed project process document, inclusive of creation and development dates, as well as roles and responsibilities. All steps of the process explained, in writing.

Weekly Reviews. MG Lomb schedules weekly progress reviews, until project completion, for most projects. It is nearly impossible to accomplish effective results without your involvement. Weekly meetings provide appropriate opportunity for on-going refinement, by way of evolving ideas and concepts. This improves technology and concept comprehension, by MG Lomb.

In-Process Approvals. You will be given opportunity to provide in-process approvals, so rework is reduced or eliminated. 20 years of MG Lomb’s experience – with results and client satisfaction – have shown us that a collaborative process equates to better quality work, and happier customers. MG Lomb’s goal is a lasting partnership, with you.

Sample. At MG Lomb – we walk the walk. We’ll provide our process document. If you are a serious potential customer, with an actual project in mind, contact us. And we can provide you with our process document.